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    wooitsnate replied to your post: I HAVE A BETA KEY FOR TOMORROW’S ELDER…

    Hoooow big is the download exactly? o:

    The first beta I played (which was around christmas if i remember right) it was about 20 gigs altogether, which normally wouldn’t be a problem, but because there were so many…

    I’m downloading it now and it asked for 30gb, had to clear some old games from my HD!
    Thanks again for the key, going to do ether a video or a stream of it with some pals who also got it :D

    Posted on: 28th February 2014 - 3 notesReblog

  2. hey look a video!

    Ashley and I LOVE this silly little game.

    Posted on: 25th February 2014 - 1 noteReblog

  3. hey look a video!

    Ashley and I become a jelly based aquatic patriarchal figure head!

    Posted on: 17th February 2014 - 0 notesReblog

  4. hey look a video!

    Nidhogg with Dom. Watch as we become monosyllabic pixel combatants!

    Posted on: 17th February 2014 - 0 notesReblog

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