1. Oh my word Some text

    DO WANT!

    Spotted this over at dslrfilmnood.com and I totally want this! 6 channel recording, interchangeable mic mount and a sexy body.

    Oh good god, I WANT!

    Zoom h6 Handy Recorder

    Posted on: 21st April 2013 - 0 notesReblog

  2. hey look a video!

    A quick review of Tomb Raider, an over view of my week and me being mental!

    Posted on: 14th March 2013 - 0 notesReblog

  3. hey look a video!

    Oh, how far we have come :D

    Posted on: 5th December 2012 - 1 noteReblog

  4. Oh my word Some text

    Lack of a Vlog :(

    No vlog tonight, have to export a video I worked on and Its going to need 44 more mins and I’m already nodding off at the computer.

    Time for bed.

    Night all.

    Posted on: 30th November 2012 - 0 notesReblog

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