1. hey look a video!

    Finally it is here, my short film (the one I have been oging on about) ‘Come Here Often’

    Go drop some film maker love on it.

    Come Here Often - Short Film (by Thecamerandy)

    Posted on: 14th February 2012 - 1 noteReblog

  2. Take a gander at loads of pictures

    Just, as in right now, got my (by my I mean our) signed copy of John Greens new book-ski-doodle “The Fault In Our Stars.”

    I cannot, however, read it as I’m working my way through the third book in ‘The Song Of Ice And Fire” series by George R. R. Martin. Damn you Joffrey you little bastard, damn you to hell!

    Posted on: 12th January 2012 - 166 notesReblog

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    Gamer, occasional vlogger and avid nerd. join me in my gaming adventures as I attempt to blow your mind with pure gaming skills! (not)

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